Butch G. Cat with his journal illustrated by Danny Renfroe
Terry Angus and his puppets
At age 18, I began my career as a puppeteer working with the legendary Jim
Henson.  Having worked these professional puppets, I learned the benefits of
high-quality puppets that last longer.  So I expanded my skills to include creating
and building one-of-a-kind puppets for stage, screen and individual collections.
  • entertainment
  • education
  • healing
  • plain ol’ fun
Angus Puppets are unique, handcrafted, custom made and reasonably priced.  
Contact me for more information on how you can own your own television-quality
Angus puppet creation!
Books inspired by my most popular creation,
Butch G. Cat

New Butch G. Cat website -- coming soon.  
Can’t wait?  
Check out Butch’s page here.
Custom Puppets by
Seasoned Puppet Creator Terry Angus
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