4 Fish Fly Free
"Four Fish Fly Free"™ is a
series of five educational
videos that teach music in all
it's forms. Follow the
adventures of the FishKids™
of Atlantis Elementary,
mainly four flying fish named
Red, Copper, Blue and
Neon. Join them as they
learn everything from pitch
maps to rhythm and beats
to music history. With the
help of their wise,
knowledgeable (and in some
ways magical) teacher Miss
Angel they learn not only
musical lessons but life's
lessons too.
  Not only do we meet the four FishKids™ Red, Copper, Blue and
Neon, we also meet their other FishKid™ pals. Friends like Puffy,
Stinger, Barry Cuda, and the twins Star and Astral. Of course
you cannot have a school without an illustrious faculty. Staff like
Mrs. Mackrel the principal, Coach Grunion, Counselor Crab, Nurse
Shark, Mr. Keys and Mr. O, the school custodian. (OK, so he's
the Janitor.)
The videos below may no longer be in print.  We will try to confirm their availability
and post updated information as soon as possible as to how you may purchase
copies.  In the meantime, please feel free to use the ordering information provided
Four Fish First video cover
Your first video is "Red's Musical Misadventure"

Atlantis Elementary School is very much Red's oyster; he is
definitely a big fish on campus. The confidident fishkid swims
effortlessly through classes, is a star at most sports and has lots
of friends. Then one day in Miss Angels's musical class he finds he
has to use his very own voice and sing in front of EVERYONE.
Red is petrified.

The perils he faces and the help he gets from his fish friends
make a whale of a tale, with lots of music and laughter along the
way. So join Copper, Blue, Neon and their underwater pals for
much music and merriment as Red prepares a concert for
Principal Mackerel.

Original songs include:
"FOUR FISH FLY FREE™ Theme Song", "Monkey See Monkey
Do"; and "Miss Angel's Teaching Blues."

Musical education notes:
*Voices used as instruments
*Breathing techniques
*Echo singing

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
Four Fish second Video cover
The second video is: "Neon's Imagination Vacation"

Neon reports to the other Fishkids™ that his vacation took him
to an Neon reports to the other Fishkids™ that his vacation took
him to an exotic island where flowers eat rocks and plants dance.
Everyone seems to have had the most splendid vacations
imaginable - except for Puffy, who sadly relates that he stayed
home and did "nothing."
Puffy, who sadly relates that he stayed home and did "nothing."

When Miss Angel assigns each student to make up a vacation
song, Neon runs into big trouble. For he never really went to his
exotic island. In creating their song, both Puffy and Neon learn
that true adventure comes in lots of shapes and sizes and
sometimes even the things closest to home can be looked at in
very different and surprising ways.

Original songs include:
"It's All In How You See It"; "The Pitch Game"; "Fama U Wow
Wow"; and "Puffy's Song."

Musical education Notes:

Approximate running time: 40 minutes
Four Fish Third Video Cover
The third video is: "Copper, Rhythm and Blue"

Copper is the brain of Miss Angel's music class: her fin is the first
to go up with an answer to every question. But when it comes
to feeling and understanding rhythum, she has a very big
problem. Even Coach Grunion can't seem to help her with his
marching beats. Thank goodness Copper is not alone Counselor
Crab shares her problem; He has never been able to dance and
needs to learn before his cousin's wedding.

For Copper's friend Blue the beat is as natural as swimming; Blue
has been playing drums since before she can remember. Can
Blue, Miss Angel and Nurse Shark help Copper and Crab solve
their rhythm problem?
Original songs include:
"Rhythm Dance"; "The Beat In Your Feet"; "Crab's Lament";
"Mouth No Move, Drums No Play"; "Listen To The Rhythm Of
Your Heart" and various other chants, cheers and rhymes.

Musical education Notes:
*Elementary percussion exercises

Approximate running time: 40 minutes
Four Fish Fourth Video Cover
"Barry & Stinger's Friendship Formula"
is the fourth video

The Fishkids™ are more than ready for another underwater
foray into the world of music. Miss Angel divides the class into
teams and gives them their new assignment. But somehow
collecting sounds and arranging them into songs is a baffling
experience, especially for Barry Cuda and Stinger.

Fortunatly, they happen upon Mr. O, the multi-talented
custodian and octopus of all trades at Atlantis Elementary
School. With his artful aid and instruction, Barry and Stinger
combine their sounds and ideas into a rollicking song. Neon and
Copper are not so pleased with the results of their collaboration
and Blue seems a little bewildered by the lesson.

The student's questions and concerns lead Miss Angel to explain
the difference between form and style in her own special and
dramatic musical way. It is in this video that we meet Mr. Keys, a
talking keyboard fish who from time to time helps Miss Angel
teach music to the Fishkids™.

Original songs include:
"Same And Different"; "Artist's Formula"; "Minnow, Minnow";
"Rock & Reed" and "Styling".

Musical education Notes:
*Musical Style
*Musical Form
*Natural Sounds

Approximate running time: 40 minutes
Red Flyfish
"Astral's Great Aspirations" is the fifth video.
Astral, Star's twin sister, has been blind all her life and is feeling a
bit sad. She feels like she can't participate in as many things as
her other FishKid™ friends can. Miss Angel, with the use of a Time
machine Chair, takes the Fishkids™ back in time where they
meet Mozart's fish "Otto." They learn about the history of Music,
of Mozart and Astral learns something about herself.

Original songs include:
"This Starfish Will Never Shine"; "He's A Genius" and "Anything Is

Musical education Notes:
*Music History Review

Approximate running time: Unknown at this time.
Neon Flyfish
To reel in any of the videos just simply call toll-free,
1-877-FIN-CLUB. Buy Red's Musical Misadventure and get
Neon's Imagination Vacation for only $19.95 plus shipping.

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