Blizzard Island
Tracey Allen and Rog
"Blizzard Island" is about two kids Tracey and Wayne
Allen who have inherited a magic necklace from their
mother, "The Necklace Of Argon". Once the center is
turned the two children disappear from our world and
appear in the world of Blizzard Island. Here everyone is
after this necklace because of its magic powers. They
learn they must deliver the necklace to a giant named
Argon. The world of Blizzard Island is dying, and it's
affecting our world too. They have to return the
necklace in order for the giant to set things right. So
with the help of Rog, the Rogaloneon sand creature
they try to seek out Argon and return the necklace so
that he may heal the world and make everything well

Meanwhile, a villainous, bumbling Witch named Sidney
and her uncle Eggbert,( a wizard who's been left
bodyless as a result of one of Sidney's botched spells
and is now a head on the wall of Sidney's lighthouse),
Sidney is after the necklace for its powers. She figures
that the necklace, if combined with her own powers, will
make her the ultimate Witch. At the same time, another
party is after the necklace. Sir Python, with the aid of his
hench-cat Molcaster are after the necklace so Sir Python
can return to his ancestral home. He was whisked from
there by the Witch when one of her spells back fired and
brought him to the island. He wants to get back home,
and he knows the necklace is a transportation device.

Along the way Tracey, Wayne and Rog visit many
incredible places on Blizzard Island. These include The
Endless Forest, The Battlefield Of The God's, The Thicket
Of Night, The River Of Distant Thunder and The Well Of
Dreams. (All places on a map that Tracey, Wayne and
Rog discover written in Argon's indecipherable ancient

Tracey, Wayne and Rog meet many exotic creatures.
Many of them, for their own reasons, want to get their
hands on the magic necklace and that creates all sorts of
complications for Tracey, Wayne and Rog, the sand
creature who becomes their guide.

Will Tracey and Wayne Allen escape the clutches of
Sidney the Witch or Sir Python the snake and be able to
help Argon? And where in Blizzard Island is the great
Argon anyway?
Sidney The Witch
Tracey and Wayne Our Heros
Blizzard Island was created many years ago by Terry Angus and his school chum/friend Stoney
Ripley way back when they were grade 12 students in Nova Scotia in 1979. In 1981 Terry was
hired on with Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock. In 1983 during Terry's summer hiatus from Fraggle
Rock he and Stoney made a home video of their story Blizzard Island and took the idea and a
home video to a producer. Andrew Cochan, Terry and Stoney, along with writer B.P. Nichol made
a 6 minute video that Cochran took to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Two pilots were
produced which led to a series of 12 episodes.
Home Video Synopsis
The 12 Episode Series
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