Blizzard Island
Home Video Synopsis
The Original Witch
Twelve year old Tracey Allen receives a necklace for her
birthday from her Mother. Unknown to Tracey this
necklace gives her the powers of a Witch. Meanwhile,
on the Island of Blizzard Island, a real Witch finds out
power of the necklace the Witch will become the most
powerful Witch in the world. Casting a spell the Witch
brings Tracey and her Brother Wayne to the Island.
However, the spell backfires and the two children land
on another part of the Island and not in her castle. She
decides to go after them on foot.

On the other side of the island Tracey and Wayne run
into a very hungry Snake named Sir Python. Just as Sir
Python is about to devour our heroes he is frightened
by a big creature named Grog. We find that Grog is
really a friendly guy who becomes good friends with
Tracey and Wayne.

Grog finds Wayne and all three leave the castle.
However, Tracey and Wayne can't get back home.
Grog tells them that a great being known as Argon may
be able to help them get home if they can find him. So
our heroes head off to find the Great Argon.

Suddenly the Witch pushes a branch away revealing
herself. The three make a run for it. Just as the Witch is
about to pursue them the same branch swings back
ands hits the Witch in the face knocking her down.
After recovering herself the Witch decides to go back to
her Castle and formulate another plan. Hearing all that is
going on Sir Python decides to team up with the Witch.
The Witch thinks this is a good idea and with magic
they kidnap Wayne in ransom for the necklace.

By way of a CB radio the Witch tells Tracey to bring the
necklace or she will never see Wayne again. Tracey and
Grog sneak into the castle. They split up to find Wayne
and hopefully escape. Tracey runs into the Witch and
has a show down. The Witch is winning and as she is
about to deliver the final blow, Tracey grabs a mirror off
the wall and deflects the Witch's spell back thus
shrinking her.
Tracey & Wayne Allen Original puppets
The Original Sir Python
The 1st Generation Molcaster Cat
The Creature Known Then As Grog
Terry Angus and Stoney Ripley recorded their own kind of
a pilot using home video equipment. The puppets for the
video were made by Terry while he was working as a from
the ones he made for the two CBC pilots and the series.
They were on the crude side.

Another difference was the fact that the two child heroes
Tracey and Wayne Allen were puppets and not real
humans as seen in the pilots and series. Another thing
that was different from the other later incarnations of
Blizzard Island was the Witch's Uncle Eggbert. The
disembodied head on the castle was not a puppet but a
Halloween mask that Terry and Stoney came across in a
Zellers Mall. Check the side picture. Terry put his hand in
the mouth of the mask and said to Stoney "Take it from
me she's one tough Witch!!!" This caused the two
creators to break down laughing so hard they almost
peed themselves. So they decided to use it. Rog was very
different too, not only in looks but in name too. At this
time he was called Grog. This Home video of Blizzard Island
was never aired and never will. Well after all, it was a home
video. I mean how many Home Videos do you see

Another difference between the home video and the TV
version of Blizzard Island was that the writing was very
Muppet style humor with our characters taking takes or
comments to the camera as well as running gags and
inside humor. For example, in the Home video we have
Tracey asking Wayne where he got a marshmallow and
his reply is "Oh, from the prop department."
The 1st Tracey Allen Puppet
Our Home made island.
Blizzard Island Home
The 12 Episode Series
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