The 12 Episode Series
Episode synopsis' with commentaries by Production Creators / Performers
Stoney Ripley and Terry Angus
Blizzard Island
Hi This is Stoney Ripley. When I heard that Terry
was doing a web page on Blizzard Island I told him
that I would like to write a few words about each
episode. I am really glad that I did this because it
gave me the chance to rediscover the magic of the
show. I am proud to have been a part of Blizzard
Island and after watching all twelve episodes again I
can say one thing with all assurance. It was a good
show and it ended way too soon.

Ok, Terry Angus here. Well Stoney, I may as well
put in my two cents of what I remember of the
series for which we created and performed in.
Terry Angus, James Bradley, Stoney Ripley
and a Nightcrawler
Episode 1:
Of Necklace's and Things
written by:
Bp Nichol, Andrew Cochrane, Terry Angus, Stoney Ripley
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: December 11, 1988
Soon after discovering an old family heirloom called The Necklace Of Argon Tracey
and her brother Wayne are magically transported to Blizzard Island where they set
off on a quest to find the Great Argon and help save that world and ours from dying.

Stoney Ripley:
This was the second attempt at an Introductory pilot and was much improved from the pilot
shot the year before. I like this episode very much and to me it ranks among the series best. I
especially like the interplay between Sir Python and Sydney the Witch. The scenes at the
lighthouse were a lot of fun for Terry and myself because it involved two characters each in one
scene. Another scene that stands out in this episode is one quick wide shot of Tracey, Wayne
and Rog at Argon's throne. The director wanted to see Rog's legs in a wide shot. As I recall it
took an entire afternoon to shoot what amounted to maybe 3 seconds of tape. However, the
final shot was very effective and well worth it.

Terry Angus:
I say let's do it again. Ok, it was good but I liked the humor in the first pilot better. However, the
budget was better and our effects were right on the money this time around. An interesting little
piece of trivia to come out of this episode is at the end. We did a scene that did not make it into
the final edit of this episode but ends up put back in for the Movie "Argon's Quest". Sidney,
Python and Molcaster have gotten untied from Sir Python's coils. Sidney threatens that if her
path ever crosses his again there will be trouble. While she is ranting and raving Sir Python and
Molcaster do not hear her. Instead they make plans to move into Argon's old castle.
Episode 2:
The Battlefield Of The Gods
Written By: Paul Ledoux
Directed by: Wayne Moss
Original Air date: December 18, 1988
Tracey and Wayne's quest leads them to the Battlefield of The Gods, a barren boulder
covered wasteland where magic does not work. With the help of a strange creature
named Clea our heroes once again thwart Sydney the Witch's plans to steal the
necklace of Argon and continue on their journey

Stoney Ripley:
A very entertaining episode that was a lot of fun to shoot. I really like the special effects used in
the marble playing sequence. The tea party scene still brings a smile to my face for a couple of
reasons. First, it's the line delivered by Rog after he discovers that he is being fooled by Uncle
Eggbert. "You horrible head!" always makes me laugh. I also get a kick out of the blooper in the
tea party scene. In one shot you can see Terry's entire head as he performs Sydney The Witch.
I must add that this is entirely the director's mistake as he was shooting with two cameras but
only gave the puppeteers one shot in our monitors as we performed

Terry Angus:
I remember the problem Stoney is talking about here. I remember having a hard time with this
shot. This by the way was not Wayne Moss's mistake; it was George Bloomfield's mistake.
George directed all of the Lighthouse scenes for the whole series. Wayne directed the rest of the
episode. When I worked with The Jim Henson Company on Fraggle Rock and other Muppet
specials it was indeed shot with one or two cameras. The performers would see the shot in their
monitors set up on the studio floor. The switcher in the control room would switch from one
camera to the other in our monitors. This way we could better control the puppet and keep our
big heads out of the shot. For this episode George for some reason could not switch back and
forth in my monitor. This created a problem for me as all I could see in my monitor was one
shot. I could not see what the other camera was seeing and when George told me to pull my
head back from the shot I couldn't see. My head would show up in my monitor. Then I'd pull my
head out of that shot and it showed up back in the other unseen shot....I couldn't win. They
used the footage from that shot I couldn't see thus you see my whole forehead in that scene. I
remember having great fun working Clea in the show and I used my old Tracey Allen voice that I
did for the home video and six minute demo I made. I took the Tracey voice and did it higher so
that it would sound like a child and used it for Clea.
Episode 3: Dune Da-Dune,Dune
Written by: Bob Sandler
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air date: December 25, 1988
Their journey is made very difficult when our heroes are confronted by Sydney the
Witch and Sir Python as they attempt to cross Fool's Bridge.

Stoney Ripley:
A wonderful script and a nice performance by Tim Gosley as Rog make this episode the finest of
the series in my mind. Ten years after it originally aired I still find the ending very touching and
heart warming. However, my favorite scene is the Fool's Bridge sequence because most of it was
staged by the puppeteers themselves. If you listen closely you can hear my voice as Sir Python
early on in the Fool's Bridge scene. I was standing in for Python because Terry was working
Sydney The Witch. The plan was for Terry to dub his voice over my guide track later but
somehow it got overlooked and my voice was used in the final cut.

Terry Angus:
This show is the one episode in the whole series that we all love the best. Here's a tidbit blooper
for you. Early on in this episode we see Amy Miller's sock foot step on Sir Python as he's hiding
under some leaves. I didn't know Tracey Allen ran around Blizzard Island in her sock feet. The
scene that Stoney was filling in for me as Python was where Python and Sidney were fighting
each other as to who was going to cross "Fool's Bridge" first. They pretty much push and hit
each other. I remember Stoney and I having a great time doing that. Tim Gosley was working
Molcaster for Stoney in that scene. In anything that Stoney and I have ever worked on if at
anytime I needed someone to double for me I've always asked and wanted Stoney to be the
one to double for me as we both know how the other thinks and works and it always showed.
Another scene that I liked was where I got to play both Sir Python and Sidney in the same scene
yelling at each other. First we played the scene without Sidney in the shot with just Sir Python
and Molcaster. As Python I would pretend to be watching Sidney pace back and forth talking to
her while someone read Sidney's lines to me for Python to react to. Then later the next day I
would have Sidney the Witch in front of a big blue screen and she would be matted in the shot
we did the other day. That was very fun for me.
Episode 4:
Crystals In A Darkling Wood
Written by: Bp Nichol
Directed by: Wayne Moss
Original Air date: January 1, 1989
While Looking for the Great Argon Tracey, Wayne and Rog enter the Thicket Of Night
where they are taken prisoner by the NightCrawler, a slimy creature on eight legs
who makes them his slaves. Finally with the help of a bumbling Sydney The Witch who
is after the huge deposit of Bhok crystals that resides in the Thicket, our heroes
manage to escape.

Stoney Ripley:
This is perhaps the poorest effort in the whole series for a couple of reasons. First of all is the
poor subplot involving Tracey and Wayne's Mother and her friend trying to stop the
consolidation of the local Schools. Also the overall tone of the show was somewhat dark and
foreboding. My lasting memory is of the difficulty in performing the NightCrawler puppet. He was
very heavy and required three puppeteers to make him come to life. I played the head and did
the voice. Terry played both of my front hands and Jamie Bradley worked the Crawler's 6 legs.
Not a bad half hour of television but not up to the standards of the previous episode, "Dune
Da-Dune, Dune".

Terry Angus:
I agree with Stoney on this episode 100% and more. It was just bad!!!! I remember not liking
this show the moment I read it. I remember telling the producer that the mother story just was
not going to work That no one was going to care what the mother was doing back home while
Tracey and Wayne were on the Island but he said that we should have the audience get to
know Isabel Allen. I thought to myself "Borrrrrring". As for the NightCrawler that was not only
hard to operate it was darn hard to build! I slapped gobs of rubber text and spray painted the
heck out of that sucker. My wife had to put up with NightCrawler sprawled out on our kitchen
table for weeks and making all of those legs drove me crazy too. Making leg after leg! EEEEEK!!
So Stoney I feel your pain.
Episode 5:
The Secret Of The Siren's Song
written by: Carol Bolt
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 8, 1989
Sir Python and Molcaster devise an elaborate plan to lure our heroes into their lair by
setting out fake Argon foot prints using an old bedroom slipper of Argon's that they
found. Wayne is the only one that falls for the snake's plan and is captured. Now with
Wayne as Sir Python and Molcaster's prisoner they have but to wait for Tracey and
Rog to come to rescue him and trap them as well and steal the necklace of Argon.
However, with the help of some exotic instruments sent to Tracey and Wayne from
their Father, our heroes charm their way out of danger.

Stoney Ripley:
This episode has some nice moments like a drunk Sidney the Witch who has had too much frog
bile and my favorite moment when Sidney and Eggbert appear disguised as a Gypsy and her
Crystal ball. One blooper to mention is when Sir Python is smashing Molcaster's hat against the
tree and ruffling up the cat's clothes, we can see the arm of assistant puppeteer Jamie Bradley
working Python's tail for Terry.

Terry Angus:
Myself I liked this episode as Stoney said it has some nice moments. I also had fun with Sir
Python on this show. The only problem I had with the episode was, ok, picture this. Sir Python
captures Tracey and Rog with his coils wrapped around them. He's got them trapped. He tells
them that he has Wayne captured in his lair and if they wanted to see Wayne again to bring the
Necklace Of Argon..... Ok ,got that pictured? Why on earth didn't Sir Python just take the
Necklace right then and there??? DUH!! I mean he has them tied up in his coils. It would have
been easy to do. Other than that one thing I liked the episode. A funny thing about Sidney and
Eggbert appearing as a Gypsy and her Crystal ball was that they put Uncle Eggbert in an upside
down fish bowl. The idea is that Sidney's transportation spell always had her fall into the shot. So
as they dropped the dummy of Sidney I'd usually be waiting to pop back up with the hand
puppet. This time as both Stoney and I jumped up into the shot, Stoney accidentally hits me
hard just above my eye with the fish bowl/crystal ball. I know we were running very late and had
to do the scene very quickly so I did the lines as my eye brow throbbed in pain. That line is in the
show. If you ever get to see this show listen to my line as you can tell I'm in pain.
Episode 6:
The Bellringers Of Argon
written by: Bruce McKenna
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 15, 1989
While exploring the caverns of Hollow, Hollow our heroes meet two strange creatures
named Bang and Clang, the Bellringers of Argon who are joined by a single white
beard. The two constantly argue with each other over everything and can't stand
each other anymore. After Tracey separates the two by cutting their beard the
Bellringers are eternally indebted to Tracey, Wayne and Rog which is more than the
trio can handle.

Stoney Ripley:
To be perfectly honest I was not extremely fond of this episode when it first aired. However,
some ten years later I have warmed up to it considerably. It was a very nice script written by
Bruce McKenna and the show looks great because of the nice sets and miniatures used. What I
remember most about shooting the Bellringers was doing the banging scenes. The special effects
guy Paul Cormier, was fond of scaring the heck out of Terry and myself by putting in extra
powder to set off loud charges behind us when we were not expecting it

Terry Angus:
Aaaaaa yes! the explosions, how I remember them well. We had a blooper out of that which I
wished they kept for a Blooper reel. In that explosion that Stoney talks about my character
Clang jumps real high and says "What the H*** was that!!!!!" Lucky I kept an extra pair of
pants around. Writer Bruce McKenna hated the voice I used for Clang saying that it sounded like
Mortimer Snerd and he got the director to tell me not to do it. I very much disagreed with him. I
didn't think it sounded anything like Mortimer Snerd. I was really trying to do Hanna Barbara's
Wally Gator. I pretended to change it for the rehearsals and went back to doing Wally again for
the keepers. It was the first and only time I got my own way by being sneaky. George: "Terry
you're doing that voice again!" Terry: (sheepishly) "Oh Gee, sorry I didn't notice."
Episode 7:
In The Heart Of The
Heart Of The Stone
written by: Bp Nichol
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 22, 1989
After curing Molcaster of an itching problem (Thanks to the Witch) the healing Stone
gives Tracey clues about Argon which lead her to the Witch's lighthouse to find
talking stones. Tracey and Rog are able to get more information from the stones and
escape before Sidney and her super power potion capture them.

Stoney Ripley:
For me this is the second best episode from the series. Ranking just behind "Dune Da-Dune,
Dune". The Healing Stone is a great character and Terry had the perfect voice for it. I just love
the scene where Tracey, Rog and Molcaster sneak into the Lighthouse while Sidney and Eggbert
are sleeping. Probably the main reason I love this show is the talking stones that Terry, Tim and
myself played. Writer Bp Nichol always got a kick out of my brothers names which are Rocky
and Micah. So he incorporated all three of our names into the script which I thought was really

Terry Angus:
First off Stoney I'd like to say thanks for the compliment. I remember that voice was hard to do
but I loved it. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that by this point I was worried
about my Sir Python character. He was getting stupider and stupider with each new script. He
was no longer the great out thinker that I had originally created him as and it bothered me that
he just ran off on Molcaster after Sidney tells them that Molcaster drank itching potion and not
the super power potion. In one of the early drafts of this script they had Sir Python going back
to the lighthouse to get Sidney to cure Molcaster. The two get into a bit of a fight. Of course it
would have meant that I would have to be doubling for that scene and they didn't want to pay
me for doubling. It would have also taken longer to tape. The naming of the rocks was great
though. I have to laugh every time people find out that the Ripley's named their sons with
rock-like names. Now here's the funny part. Stoney's Father says they were not named after
Rocks but after Western heroes on TV. Way to go, Burt!
Episode 8:
The Night Of The Covered Sun
written by: George Bloomfield
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 29, 1989
During an eclipse Tracey, Wayne and Rog must get to the top of the highest
mountain on Blizzard Island to find the Great Argon. Unfortunately, the eclipse
affects everyone in strange ways including making Rog extremely love sick for a
female Rogalonian and switching Sir Python and Molcaster's personalities.

Stoney Ripley:
I like this episode quite a lot in spite of the fact that the ending is pretty lame. Tim Gosley did a
fine job doubling as Rogalena. Terry and I had a fun time with switching the personalities of Sir
Python and Molcaster. This is only one of two episodes of the series to not feature Sidney and
Eggbert, the other being "The Bellringers Of Argon". I think Sidney and Eggbert could have
worked well in this show. Who knows how the eclipse would have effected them?

Terry Angus:
I feel basically the same way as Stoney on this episode. George did a wonderful job with this
script making Sir Python and Molcaster very funny. I liked the little line that he put in that Python
says to himself about Molcaster "Sometimes I feel so very alone!" Another piece that I liked was
where Molcaster is almost giving himself away with giving a note to Rog by giving Python an
O.K. sign. I then had Sir Python drop his head in a "This can't be happening" way. I loved this
script Stoney says the ending was bad and a cop out. We have Tracey Allen fooling Sir
Python into believing that her hand covered with a leaf or two is a female snake that he falls for.
"Snake of my dreams!" Sorry but he's not that stupid, but then again it could have been the
Episode 9:
The Legend Of The Last Leaf
written by: Carol Bolt
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: February 5, 1989
All of Blizzard Island is frozen with fear as the legend of the last leaf falling to the
ground will start the winter that has no end. If that happens then all on Blizzard
Island will freeze over forever. Tracey and Wayne show up but can they save the day
and return life to normal on Blizzard Island?

Stoney Ripley:
I liked this episode very much. To me it ranks among the top five in the series. I really liked the
Sir Python and Molcaster stuff in this show, especially when Molcaster is giving a frozen Python a
massage. There is also good suspense in this episode and I liked the slow motion climax very

Terry Angus:
Again I agree with Stoney again on this one too. Good stuff for all. Two funny Bloopers in this
episode: One: I had a hard time with saying the word Fickless feline that almost sounds like
another word I will not say here. After I say it you can hear me almost lose it in that scene. I'm
trying hard not to laugh cause I know that people are going to think I said this other word. The
next Blooper is a scene that takes place at the door of Sidney's Lighthouse where the wind is
blowing so hard that Sidney can hardly hang on to the bottom of her door. We can see her feet
off the ground in mid air behind her. At the end of this scene the script calls for Sidney to be
blown back into the Lighthouse. However her legs decided to stay up and there's Sidney's legs
without her attached to them. If you watch it close you can see it just before it fades to black.
Episode 10:
The River Of The Distant Thunder
written by: Susan Snooks and Scott Barrie
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 12, 1989
Eggbert realizes that Sidney truly misses him and that more surprisingly he misses her.

Stoney Ripley
I enjoyed shooting The River Of The Distant Thunder very much because it involved a lot of
Location work. The cast and crew spent an entire day romping in the woods near Stewiacke,
Nova Scotia on a beautiful fall day. Another reason why I liked this episode is because of the
other side of Sidney and Eggbert that we get to see. We discover that Sidney The Witch is not
just a power hungry tyrant but also a sensitive being with emotions like everyone else. My
favorite scene is when Eggbert falls and although she tries to catch him, she doesn't.

Terry Angus:
Yet again I liked this episode for most of the same reasons that Stoney liked it. However, I sadly
didn't get to go on location with the crew. So I felt a bit left out of this one. Although I loved the
scene where Sidney is upset at Eggbert's disappearance and thus decides she's going to rescue
him from those terrible kids!!,the only thing that really disappointed me was that we didn't see
Sidney fall into the river as she's fishing. We only hear her fall in as we watch Eggbert complaining
in his basket. I'm from the school that if it happens then we should see it happen. I brought this
up at the time we were shooting. I was told that it was too late to tape such a scene. Oh well.
Episode 11:
The Vale Of Fears
written by: bp Nichol
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: February 19, 1989
Tracey, Wayne and Rog make it through the Vale of Fears and discover the Well of
Dreams, the sleeping place of the Great Argon. However, hot on their trail are Sir
Python and Molcaster with Sidney the Witch pulling up the rear.

Stoney Ripley:
The Vale Of Fears features some nice touches such as the miniatures used and the huge stone
statues as well. This show also features the talents of Jamie Bradley as Flock The Caterpillar.
Argon's chamber with the Bhok crystals was an impressive set however, it was murder for a
puppeteer. All of us had to perform either sitting or on our knees.

Terry Angus:
Let's see what do I remember of this episode? Oh yes! I remember thinking as we were shooting
the scene where Python and Molcaster were approaching a stone statue. "Finally Python is back
to being the self-assured snake and full of confidence" Sadly it was not to be for long as we find
in part two which is the next episode. However, yes as Stoney said Jamie did a wonderful job on
this episode and in the next episode as well.
Episode 12:
When Giants Wake
written by: Bp Nichol and Andrew Cochran
Directed by: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: February 26, 1989
Our heroes are finally able to wake the Great Argon and return the necklace to him.
In doing so we learn the real meaning of the quest and we also learn that the true
quest is yet to come.

Stoney Ripley:
Shooting this episode was a bottle of mixed emotions for myself and Terry. We were thrilled to
see our creation become a reality and excited about completing our first twelve shows. However,
it was during the shooting of this show that we learned of the death of our friend and the shows
head writer, bp Nichol. To me that took the joy out of much of this episode. It was a shame that
Blizzard Island had to end. For me the potential for future shows was endless. When this show
was over we had lost both Blizzard Island and a good friend.

Terry Angus:
I hate being a pessimist but to be honest I really hated this episode for many reasons. I had
many upsets with this one. Of course there was bp's passing which hit me hard as we not only
worked on this show together but Fraggle Rock as well. Beep(as people sometimes called
him.)wrote most if not all of my Storyteller Fraggle episodes. How I found out was another
shock! I was very hurt by our Producer. It was decided by him that I was not to be told about
bp's passing away until the end of the episode's shoot. Bp passed away over the weekend. This
took place on a Monday. The episode was to be I believe wrapped up on Friday. I was
performing Sidney the Witch on a low rolling dolly to which I had a lot of dialog to say as I was
being pushed by a stage hand and I was to stop walking as I was still talking. However, the stage
hand was always stopping suddenly and this caused me and the puppet to go flying ahead
sudden like. I decided to be funny and make a joke at bp's writing me a lot of dialog. "Where's
bp Nichol when you need him!!" I said aloud thinking this was funny. Suddenly our camera man
Phil Levy came up to me and whispered in my ear. "Terry, I don't know if you heard but bp
Nichol passed away over the weekend." I looked at Phil in disbelieve and shock. "What!" was my
only response. Suddenly George Bloomfield called for a 15 minute break as he knew the jig was
up. I went straight to the washroom to get it out, came back and carried on.

The next problem was in Sir Python, a character I had to fight to keep on the show in the first
place. He was destined to lose from day one. The lady who was head of the Children's
department of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) hated snakes and hated Sir
Python. She had us tame the snake because she was afraid that he would scare all of the kids in
our audience. This episode was the last nail in Sir Python's coffin as they made the poor guy
break down totally and become a total wimp. I later found out that Sir Python was written out of
the second season totally and was never to return with Molcaster saying "Oh Argon sent him
back to his home continent." however, we never got a second season and from reading the first
three scripts of the second season I can see why it was canned. They were truly bad.
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